Small Business Loans

During the course of running a small business, certain expenses are not only expected, but also inevitable. Training sessions, purchasing better equipment and renovating or even moving into a new building are some of the typical business-related occurrences that entrepreneurs must be ready to face.

Other business owners may be struggling with managing and balancing their cash flow, or perhaps looking for a quick option for funding in times of urgent need.

In these cases, small business owners need not worry about spending capital – all they need to do is pick the best small business loan to get them through whatever pressing financial need is currently at hand. Different business loan types carry different repayment arrangements and interest rates, so picking the best loan depends significantly on the owner’s preferred payment scheme and financial limitations.

Choosing the ideal loan for your small business

A small business loan may either be on call or on an upfront basis. In the case of the former, payments are determined based on how much money the owners have pulled via the loan. On the other hand, the latter involves a one-time big-time withdrawal of the full loan amount, which is paid back through installments at set intervals.

·         Line of credit/Equity loan

This type of loan, which typically uses properties as security, allows business owners to draw from a fund with a preset limit, providing easy and immediate access to cash as well as a flexible loan situation.

·         Term loan

On the other hand, a term loan is fully drawn, often for big expenditures or long-term investments. This type of loan uses a mortgage over residential property, commercial property, or other allowable assets as security. Repayments are made over a fixed schedule.

How to qualify for a business loan?

·         You must be able to provide security for the loan

·         Business must be in stable financial condition

A small business loan could very well be the solution to any cash flow problems plaguing your business. Our lending specialists here at Royal Capital are knowledgeable about the different loan types, and can help you avail the best small business loan option from our network of over 30 lenders.