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Royal Capital can offer you exceptional car loan rates for both personal and business use. We have been helping our customers to save on car loans continuously.

Royal Capital has a long term relationships with a range of established lenders that gives us access to unparalleled car finance deals. You can access a range of car finance options, including personal and business car finance, novated leases as well as a full range of insurance options. We source loans for all types of vehicles so contact us today, and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

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To buy or to lease? That is the question.

Owning the car means being able to customise it according to your desires You pay to use the vehicle, not own it
Lower insurance rates than leased cars Generally lower expenses upfront
A simple process Because most warranties last for only a set period of time, you’ll save on maintenance costs
No mileage limit Beneficial for establishments that claim vehicles as business expenses
Ideal if you need a car to get through situations that might cause it to undergo wear and tear Ideal if you enjoy driving a new car every few years and don’t plan to stick to just one model

Buying a car seems to be the popular choice for many Australians. While the upfront expenses may be daunting at first, one can finance their dream car through acquiring a loan that will be paid over a set period of time. However, the option to buy the car after its lease may also be available for certain lease transactions – all you would need to do is to make a ‘residual’ payment to own the car you leased.

·         Finance lease

A finance lease involves paying in monthly installments and then gaining the option to either pay the residual to own the car or swap it for a different car and continue the arrangement.

·         Operating lease

With an operating lease, your payments end when your lease term ends. After the lease, the car gets returned to the owner and you no longer need to make monthly payments.

·         Novated lease

A novated lease is paid by your employer by taking the money out of your before-tax salary. The lease will be under your name. This is advantageous for employees because it reduces their taxable income, but is also risky in the sense that the responsibility of payment would fall upon your shoulders if you were to lose your job.

Talk to our lending specialists at Royal Capital if you’re thinking of applying for a car loan we’ll help you find an arrangement well-suited for your situation and preference.



Find the best car loan option for you!

Looking for the ideal car loan arrangement? With our network of over 30 lenders, you’ll never be out of options.

We can even help you get pre-approval on your car loan; this should free your mind of any financial worry and let you focus on finding your dream car.

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Worried about getting a car loan because you’re self-employed? Don’t worry, as long as you seek the aid of a trusted lending specialist and meet certain requirements, you’ll be off driving the car of your dreams in no time.

To avail a low-doc car loan, you need to be able to present proof of your income. This may be in the form of income tax returns or accounting records.

On the plus side, as a self-employed business owner, you can claim vehicle costs as a tax deduction, making it a cost-effective expense for you.

Your Royal Capital lending specialist can help you:

  • Find the right lender
    • Enjoy a stress-free loan acquisition process by doing all the legwork for you
    • Compare loan alternatives
    • Negotiate for a better car loan arrangement


Remember: Choosing the right car loan ultimately depends on your cash flow and preferences. With assistance from your Royal Capital lending specialist, making the right decision for a car loan becomes much easier.