Home buying advice

Buying a home involves much more than simply saving up and picking a house to purchase. Here is a handy step-by-step guide to buying your own home.

Steps to Buying Your Own home

  • Start saving up!

Start preparing as early as now – every bit of money saved helps.

  • Schedule a meeting with a lending specialist

You don’t need to do all the heavy lifting when you’re looking for loan options for your home purchase. Your Royal Capital lending specialist can take care of all the legwork; focus on determining your actual budget, expenses, income, payables, mortgage insurance and whether the option to apply for a grant is available for you.

  • Prepare your documents for pre-approval

Make sure you have all the important documents you’ll need to get a pre-approved loan.

  • Look for a home you’d like to buy

A few considerations for picking your new home are the cost and the area. Check out market prices and get a general feel of the price range of the home you want. Go forth and search for your new investment!

  • Get sufficient legal advice

Talk to your solicitor, conveyancer, or settlement agent and get all the legal advice you need. Clarify all of your questions and make sure you understand all the terms of your contract. Be sure to do this BEFORE signing the contract!

  • Schedule inspections

Make sure that your new home isn’t infested with insects and vermin – or tangled up in all sorts of legal trouble – before you say yes.

  • Organise unconditional loan approval and make an offer

Keep your fingers crossed – that dream home is just a few steps away from being yours!

  • Sign the necessary documents

When you’ve already come to an agreement with the seller, you can rest easy and let the legal folks take care of the rest. Expect your lawyer to ask more questions about the property during the course of the next month or two.

  • You’re home!

Buying your own home has never been this easy.

Talk to your financial adviser and ensure that you’re still on track and on-target. Your dream home is just within your reach. Contact us and we’ll help you grab the opportunity.