Mortgage advice

Let us compare loans from over 30 lenders and help you save.

Our fully accredited brokers can quickly compare loans from over 30 lenders to find you the best deal. In just a few simple steps, we can determine your eligibility and work out the best fit for you.

Talking to your Mortgage Broker

What happens when you talk to your mortgage broker? What should you bring, what should you ask and what should you expect? What is a mortgage broker, anyway? All those questions will be answered here.

What’s a mortgage broker anyway?

A mortgage broker is qualified expert who negotiates a loan on your behalf with the lender and then supports you right through the application process until the loan settles. Royal Capital refers to our mortgage brokers as lending specialists who have undertaken full training and accreditation to ensure they can provide you with the best possible advice on which loan will suit your needs.

In Australia, mortgage brokers are regulated to ensure compliance with banking and finance laws.

Mortgage brokers are paid a fee by the lender and do not charge you (the borrower – unless specified) for their services. This fee is only charged once the mortgage is settled.

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