Royal Capital has access to a range of competitive insurance products with a range of specialist insurance providers that gives us access to unparalleled insurance deals.

You can access a range of insurance finance options, including home and contents insurance, business or landlord insurance as well as a full range of other insurance options. See below for further details on the specific insurance products available.


We all know that cars cost money to buy, run, and of course insure. With Motor Vehicle Insurance via Royal Capital, we will ensure you get the best deal.

The best prices on the market

With our array of insurers, you’re sure to find the best price for peace of mind. You won’t have to pay any monthly policy fees, either (unless specified).

A hassle-free claiming process

Claiming shouldn’t have to feel like further punishment, ease your mind by taking comfort in the fact that car insurance with us entails a simple and hassle-free settlement and claiming process.

Insurance discounts

You may also avail of discount offers for your car insurance such as a No Claim Bonus discount, a Restricted Driver discount for drivers above 30 years of age, and even a Safe Driver discount that goes on top of the No Claim bonus.


Whether you’ve just bought your new home or have been a homeowner for years, it is important to make a smart choice to protect your most valuable asset. Our home insurance partners, can tailor a policy that covers you against events like fires, storms and earthquakes and includes contents insurance for items such as carpets, lighting, furniture, audio-visual equipment, clothing and tools. They can also extend your policy to include specific valuables for accidental loss, theft or damage away from home.

Take the necessary steps to protect your most valuable investment – your home.

Why get insurance for your home and possessions?

·         It’s better to be prepared

It is impossible to predict when disaster will strike, which is why it’s important to ensure you have adequate cover for your most valuable possessions. The best protection against fire, burglary, or any other form of harm or damage to your home is to make sure that it is insured.

·         Nothing beats peace of mind

Getting insurance for your home will certainly help you sleep better at night. Nothing is more precious than the security of your family, and getting insurance is a big part of the process of ensuring their well-being.

·         It’s affordable

It’s not that expensive to add contents cover for your possessions when taking out your home building insurance. Getting insurance after renovations is not that expensive, either.

·         Your possessions matter

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your belonging. Even misplacing a set of house keys is annoying! But even more what would you do if something far more valuable was stolen from you? You might come home one day to find the place burgled and all your electronics and jewelry gone. Replacing any of these items from scratch would be stressful and time-consuming, not to mention expensive.


As a landlord, it is an absolute must for you to get insurance for your property. Landlord insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that your asset and rental income is protected. We can source cover that provides rental income in the case of a tenant defaulting on their rent, or cover for damage like fire, vandalism or malicious damage by tenants.

Make sure that your rental building or property is covered to secure your long-term investment with us.

Ensure your rental building or property is covered by landlord insurance – here is why:

·         You have customisable and flexible options.

Here’s a fact: You’ll only need to pay for the cover you actually require. You may add cover for theft or other circumstances that you feel should be covered by your insurance. Our customisable landlord insurance plans take both affordability and flexibility into consideration. After all, the objective of getting insurance is to protect your resources, not drain you of them.


·         You’ll get great coverage and value for your money.

Among the covers offered with landlord insurance are rent default, theft by tenant, buildings and contents covers, and public liability cover (protection from instances of people suffering injuries while on your property). You can even avail a 30% No Claim bonus.


·         One policy takes care of everything at a competitive price.

A single, competitively priced policy for landlord insurance allows you to take advantage of full protection when it comes to your landlord assets. Not only does this make managing your insurance a lot easier to understand and implement, this also makes things simpler for you come tax time or the time when you need to make a claim. Not only will you save money, you will also be able to rest easy knowing that your property is secure.

Did you know that the premiums for landlord insurance are tax-deductible under normal circumstances? Talk to your tax or financial advisor to find out how you can reduce the cost of your landlord cover via tax claims.